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Terms & Conditions


Premises and nomenclature.
These general conditions of sale aim at regulating the purchase of products carried away "on line" through the website maintained by CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL with headquarters in Via Pezza No. 6-24048 Osio Sopra (BG)
A consumer is defined as a natural person who places an order of goods outside of their professional and / or commercial activities.
For the customer means a consumer or a professional.
A user is the person who proceeds to the purchase of a product "on line".
By professional means a natural or legal person who places an order in the context of its business activities or commercial.
Contract means the agreement between the consumer / customer and the seller for the purchase of the property / s offered by the website.
For working days means weekdays, except Sundays and national holidays or midweek local.

Art. 1 Scope of this contract.
1.1 - For sale "on line" contract means a distance contract, ie the legal transaction concerning the sale of goods and / or services concluded between a supplier, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL and a consumer / customer, in 'framework of a remote sales system organized by the supplier, who, for this contract, shall only use the remote communication technology called Internet.
1.2 - These terms and conditions, the validity of which begins for the consumer from the date of confirmation of the order will be effected, they form an integral and essential part of the sale of products offered by CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL through its website ; the same may be updated or changed at any time by CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL that will notify the user through the web site pages. ·
1.3 - The commercial proposal to the sale of products through the site, constitute an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 commercial code .; it should be noted the sale of the products published on the website, in one with the subsequent purchase, constitutes a distance contract with the consumer the "on line" and therefore governed by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 (arts. 45 et seq of the Consumer Code), as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014 and the Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 on electronic commerce, as amended.
1.4 For any further information and / or clarifications needed, as well as for the subsequent communications the sale of "on-line" products, the consumer can contact CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL at the telephone number + (+ 39) 035 506 161, sending a communication via e- mail to the mail. The cited references may also be used in the exercise of the right of withdrawal as well as to report any lack of conformity of the product sold.

Art.2 Sales conditions.
2.1 - All contracts will be concluded directly through access by the consumer / client to the corresponding website at, where the proceed to the purchase of goods and / or the desired product following the instructions carefully and the procedures provided for therein. The illustration of the product that will be identified by the consumer, in one with the technical specifications, can be found by selecting the selected product.
2.2 - The consumer, where it wishes to make a purchase, has previously held the record of your data on the website of the seller to include its generality, C. F. or VAT, residence, any address where you receive delivery of the goods, if different from the residence, and mobile number. then proceed with the inclusion of a valid email address and a password, which can be used by the user for all future connections to the Internet site via the "access to the private area window". The e-mail address as well as the mobile phone number will be used by the seller for possible communications relating to orders made.
2.3 - The consumer, prior to purchasing a product "on line" through the site, is invited to carefully read the terms of sale and to accept them before proceeding with the purchase of the desired good , in respect of which will be required for the payment of the corresponding price displayed.
2.4 - The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, made at the end of the order by clicking on the "confirm order" button unconditionally accepts and agrees to observe in its relations with CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL, the general conditions of sale as well as the method of payment as indicated below, declaring that you have read and accept all the information provided to him under the rules mentioned above, and also recognizing that CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL does not consider itself bound to the conditions of sale other than that published unless previously agreed in writing.

Art.3- Sales prices and how to purchase.
3.1 All the selling prices of products offered and indicated on the Internet site, or must include VAT. It should be noted, however, that in the offer relative to the individual products, will be expressly set out, in addition to the final price, is the tax that the corresponding VAT.
3.2 - For the prices listed on the website will be added the costs of delivery of the goods, when provided in connection with the purchased product, which will vary both in relation to any of the chosen delivery mode and in relation to the payment of the product indicated by the user . The amount of the shipping cost will be specifically mentioned in the order confirmation. The prices for orders of goods in relation to which it is required to be delivered outside the Italian territory, may be subject to increases due to the application of any customs duties and taxes, if required by the destination country.
3.3 - The shipping prices indicated refer only to shipments within the Italian territory. In the case of purchase from abroad and for shipments in free zones, the orders will be considered valid only if carried out under conditions of payment bank transfer and after confirmation by the seller of the amount on the transport that will determine the total to be transferred.
3.4 - The purchase agreement is concluded through the exact compilation and the consensus expressed by the accession date "on line" at the end of the order by clicking on the button "confirm order"
3.5 - The payment of the purchased product will be made according to the method chosen by the consumer carries out "on line" with their purchase or as follows:
a - also prepaid credit card;
b - bank transfer to the coordinates

IBAN IT 98 G 05034 53850 000000004545 BIC SWIFT- = BAPPIT21AH3;

c - in cash with withdrawal of the product at the warehouse of the seller.
3.6 - The purchase agreement is subject to the effective payment of the price indicated and agreed with the order confirmation. Where the transaction relating to the purchase does not go to fruition, the contract will be terminated as of right pursuant to art. 1456 cc, resulting in cancellation of the order will be executed promptly communicated to the consumer at the email address provided at the time of order confirmation.
3.7 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL reserves the right to change the selling price of products offered through its website. It remains intense that this change will not be extended to contracts already concluded with the consumer whose reference price is the one quoted in the order confirmation.
3.8 - Ownership of the products, where delivery is by carrier, passes to the customer upon delivery of the product to the carrier. The risk of loss and damage to the product, even for reasons not attributable to the seller, passes to the customer only at the time of delivery or the withdrawal of the product purchased from the warehouse of the seller.

Art. 4. Availability of products.
4.1 - The customer may purchase the products indicated in the electronic catalog published on the CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL website, without prejudice to the actual availability of the product.
4.2 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL is committed to ensuring the availability of products offered through its website. However, if a product ordered is not available, or in the face of impossibility to deliver the same, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL will, within 10 days from receipt of the order, to promptly inform the client to whom it is given the option to terminate the contract, without prejudice to any right to compensation pursuant to art. 61, paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Consumer Code.
4.3 - In the case referred to the point that precede, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL will credit the consumer, no later than 14 days after termination of the contract, the price paid, including freight costs, notifying at the same via e- email.
4.4 - Without prejudice to the right to dispute resolution and as an alternative to the same, the consumer may opt either for the delivery of the chosen product at a later date or request delivery of another product of equal or greater value. In this second scenario, the consumer will ensure the payment of the cost price difference with the same choices procedures for the purchase of the product.
4.5 - As reported in the previous paragraphs, applies even in the face of cumulative orders where non-availability is referring to the entirety of the assets. In case of partial unavailability, the consumer could opt either for the return of the price paid for the individual asset or for replacing it with another of equal value or greater value, shedding the latter case the price difference.

Art.5: Delivery.
5.1 - Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL will deliver the products ordered by the consumer not later than 30 days from the date of conclusion of the contract, unless the consumer does not agree, once the period referred to above, that the delivery occurs at a later time. The contract is concluded when the consumer has received confirmation of the purchase made.
5.2 - The delivery of the purchased products can also be made at the seller's warehouse where the consumer will come to receive your product within 14 days of confirmation of availability.
5.3 - The customer, at the time of order confirmation, has the right to opt for delivery at his residence or at the warehouse of the seller.
5.4 - Where the customer has opted for delivery to your home, in case of absence of the recipient the carrier will leave a sighted user with the contact with which can be picked up the purchased product. In the absence of withdrawal of the product in 5 days of attempted delivery, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL may terminate the contract pursuant to the affections art. 1456 commercial code .; the amount paid by the customer for purchasing the product will be returned in terms of 14 days following the termination of the contract, net of transport costs incurred to deliver the goods by courier.
5.5 - Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is required to check the conformity of the product, subject to the exercise of the withdrawal right in accordance with law, as explained later chapter 8.
5.6 - Please note: some products may exist special conditions of transport. These conditions can be found on the product sheet.

Art. 6 Liability.
6.1 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL assumes no responsibility for problems due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other events that could prevent, in whole or in part, to execute the contract within the agreed time.
6.2 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL will not be liable to any party or third parties for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above, the customer has the right only to reimbursement of the price.
6.3 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties, credit cards, checks and other means of payment, upon payment of the purchased products. CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL, in fact, at no time during the purchase procedure is able to know the number of the credit card of which, by opening a secure connection, is transmitted directly to the manager of banking service.
6.4 The illustrations, descriptions and technical specifications published on are absolutely not binding and may be changed without notice by the manufacturer or dealer.

Art. 7 Warranty of the products purchased.
7.1 - The seller has the obligation to deliver the goods in conformity with the sales contract. It is assumed that the consumer goods comply with the contract if the following circumstances exist:
a) they are fit for the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used;
b) comply with the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of goods which the seller has held out to the consumer as a sample or model;
c) show the quality and performance which are normal in goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the goods and, where appropriate, public statements on the specific characteristics of the goods made about them by the seller, the the manufacturer or his agent or representative, particularly in advertising or labeling;
d) they are also suitable for the particular use which the consumer requires them and which he made known to the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract and which the seller has accepted, also concluding facts.
7.2 - The products purchased by the customer, understood this as a consumer, are guaranteed for a duration of 24 months from delivery date - Legal guarantee of compliance with the terms and for the effects of the Consumer Code Articles. 128-135-; this guarantee is reduced to 12 months if the purchase is made by a person not consumer under the Consumer Code.
7.3 - The consumer loses the rights provided below if you do not inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which he discovered the defect. The complaint is not required if the seller has acknowledged the existence of the defect or has concealed it. Unless proved otherwise, it is assumed that any lack of conformity observed in the six months following the delivery of the goods already existed on that date, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the nature of the lack of conformity.
7.4 - In case of lack of conformity, the consumer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement or to an appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract.
7.5 - The consumer may, at its option, the seller to repair the goods or to replace, at no charge in both cases, unless the remedy requested is impossible or disproportionate to the other.
7.6 - E 'to be overly onerous to consider the remedy imposes unreasonable costs on the seller in comparison to another, taking into account:
a) the value the goods would have if there were no lack of conformity;
b) of the lack of conformity;
c) whether the alternative remedy could be completed without significant inconvenience to the consumer.
It is specified that the expenditure referred to above relate to the costs necessary to make conforming goods, particularly with reference to the expenses incurred for delivery, for labor and materials.
7.7 - Any repair or replacement shall be completed within a reasonable time of the request and without any significant inconvenience to the consumer, taking into account the nature of the goods and the purpose for which the consumer has purchased the good. CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL guarantees that repairs will be made within 30 days of the return of non-conforming.
7.8 - The consumer may, at his choice, an appropriate reduction of the price or termination of the contract where one of the following situations:
a) repair and replacement are impossible or prohibitively expensive;
b) the seller has failed to repair or replace the goods within the appropriate period referred to above;
c) the replacement or repair previously carried out has caused significant inconvenience to the consumer.
7.9 - A minor lack of conformity for which it was not possible or is excessively costly the remedies of repair or replacement, not entitled to terminate the contract.

Art. 8 Obligations.
8.1 - The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure "on line", to handle the press and keep the present general conditions, after having read and accepted as a timely step in the purchase, as well as the specifications of the product under dell'acquisto.8.2 - these general conditions can be updated or changed at any time by CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL provided that written notice through its website. It is understood that the update or amendment of the terms and conditions shall be effective only for contracts yet to be concluded and not for those already in progress at the time of changes.
8.3 - It is strictly prohibited to enter false and / or invented and / or fantasy, the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications ; the personal data and e-mail must be their only real personal data and not some other person, or fantasy.
8.4 - It is expressly forbidden to make double entries corresponding to a single person or enter data of third parties. CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, and for the protection of all consumers.
8.5 - The Customer indemnifies CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL from any liability arising from incorrect financial documents because of errors in the data supplied by the customer, being the Client is solely responsible for the correct entry.

Art. 9 Right of withdrawal and exercise of the same.
9.1 - Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles. 52 et seq of the Consumer Code, as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract, without giving any reason and / or the reasons, within 14 days from receipt of product purchased, or from the receipt of the last of the products purchased in a single order.
9.2 - In order to properly exercise its right of withdrawal, the consumer is required to give notice in CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL by sending an explicit declaration. The right of withdrawal may also be exercised by filling in the form made available on the website and then send it to the contact details provided below or by using the relevant format and send it with the wizard that will be expressly indicated at the time of compilation.
9.3 - We recall that the purpose of the proper exercise of the right of withdrawal, the same must be notified no later than 14 days from delivery of the product purchased.
9.4 - Upon receiving the notification referred to above, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL will confirm it to the consumer by e-mail.
9.5 - In the face of the withdrawal will be refunded to the consumer, no later than 14 days from the moment the consumer has informed the trader of his decision, all amounts paid for the purchase, with the exception of delivery costs, unless the trader has agreed to support them personally. Please note that additional costs will not be reimbursed, namely those deriving from the choice of consumers to a different type of delivery the least expensive type of standard identified by the professional delivery. Repayment will be made using the same means of payment used by the customer for the initial transaction, unless it is agreed a further and different methods of repayment.
9.6 - Asked communication concerning the withdrawal, the consumer, unless the trader has offered to collect the goods himself, he must return it to the seller or to a third party expressly stated, no later than 14 days from the date on which it was informs the trader's intention to terminate the contract.
9.7 - The product must be returned intact with its packaging. The consumer shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of these different from those needed to determine its nature, characteristics and functioning. Only for products delivered in sealed package / blister, the right of withdrawal may be exercised on condition that the products are returned with the original packaging unopened.
9.8 - It is noted that in the face of the withdrawal exercised will not be charged any fees as a result of the exercise of this right.
9.9 - In order to exercise the right of withdrawal in relation to the product purchased via the website must be sent its communication with one of the following procedures below:
to. by e-mail at:
It is recalled that the burden of proving the proper exercise of the right of withdrawal is therefore incumbent on the consumer that within 48 hours of the announcement made in the manner set out in points a), b) and c), must send a registered letter with return receipt at the following address CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL - Via Pezza No. 6-24048 Osio Sopra (BG)
9.10 - In the exercise of the right of withdrawal the trader will send to the consumer confirmatory Communication which will be reported on n. reference made to be used for all future communications and for the delivery of the goods.
Art. 10 Permissions.
10.1 - filling in the appropriate space on the website, authorize CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL to use their credit card, or other card issued in replacement thereof, and to debit your bank account in favor of CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL the total amount shown as cost of the "on line".
10.2 - Please note that the entire purchase process is carried out via secure connection directly connected to the bank owner and operator of "on line" payment service, which CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL can not access.

Art. 11 Contract termination and termination clause.
11.1 - CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL has the right to terminate the contract by giving notice to the customer if the information provided by the consumer are not accurate / truthful in this case the customer shall only be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.
11.2 - Failure to observe and respect the obligations assumed on the acquisition of art. 8 (Obligations), in a good settlement with the consumer makes with the media mentioned in article 3, will determine the legal termination of the contract 1456 commercial code .; It is subject to the right to CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL to sue for damages.
11.3 - Where the consumer make a payment by credit card third party, CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL may request, by e-mail, a copy of the identity of the holder of the credit card document and authorization to the transaction. The non-receipt of the supplementary documentation requested will constitute cause for terminating the contract pursuant to and by effect of art. 1456 commercial code .; It is without prejudice to any compensation for damages that the seller may require the consumer

Art. 12 Notice.
12.1 - The personal information provided during registration to the website is collected for the purpose of registering the customer and provide him with the procedures for the execution of this contract and the necessary communications; these data are processed electronically in compliance with laws and can be produced only at the request of the judicial authority or other lawfully entitled authorities.
12.2 - The personal information will be disclosed to third parties who carry out activities necessary for the execution of the contract and used exclusively for that purpose.
12.3 - The party enjoys the rights provided for in the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30/06/03, and therefore may at any time ask CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL to know the nature and origin of such data, and require updating, correction, integration or deletion. It 'still subject to the right to object, in whole or in part, to such use.
12.4 - The cancellation of their personal data is subject to sending a written communication sent by fax, email or mail to the company headquarters.
12.5 -Titolare responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is the CIRCUIT Equipment Italy SRL.
12.6 - Although not specifically listed in this chapter, see annex document "Information under the Code on Personal Data Protection Act" Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Art. 13 Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction.
13.1 - The purchase of products made through the website, is subject to Italian law and to the special rules in question and in particular by Legislative Decree 206/205 (Consumer Code), as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014 and Legislative Decree 70/2003 (regarding the so-called e-commerce framework).
13.2 - Any dispute arising between the parties relating to the interpretation and execution of this contract which will have exclusive jurisdiction to the consumer.

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